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In the bustling heart of Europe, there’s a health revolution quietly unfolding.
Evivita, a name that's become synonymous with vitality, offers a promise in
each of its carefully crafted supplements. Our wholesale webshop is where this
promise comes to life for businesses across the continent.

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Populair products

Vegan omega 3 (EPA + DHA)

Vegan omega 3-6-9

Vegan omega 3-6-9

Vegan D3 75 mcg

Vegan omega 3 (DHA)

Vegan D3 25 mcg

Omega 3 33/25 500 mg

Omega 3 kids tutti frutti flavor

Omega 3 50/25 1000 mg

Curcumin Novasol + C + D3

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From €1.390,00

Vegan products

Vitamine pro

B12 1000 mcg

Vegan omega 3 (EPA + DHA)

Curcumin + black pepper

Red yeast rice complex

Red yeast rice complex

Cranberry + D-Mannose

Probiotics (0.775B) + prebiotics

Magnesium citraat

Our happy customers

Pure vitamines

The multivitamins are of excellent quality, meeting the needs of my business. The impact on my customers' health has been positive, and I'm satisfied with the product.

Vervea Amsterdam

Evivita's customer service is top-notch. They promptly addressed all my inquiries and provided me with the information I needed to make an informed bulk purchase. Their efficiency made the wholesale process a breeze.


the speedy delivery of my wholesale order was impressive. Evivita ensured that my products arrived well ahead of schedule, maintaining their quality and timeliness.


I highly recommend Evivita for wholesale purchases. With their quality products, exceptional customer service, and swift delivery, they've made my experience outstanding. I look forward to continuing our partnership.