About Us

Quality Supplements - Carefully crafted vitamins and supplements for optimal well-being.

Wholesale Webshop - A one-stop shop for businesses to stock up on health products.

Low Minimum Orders - Perfect for businesses of all sizes, ensuring no overstocking.

Fast Delivery Across Europe - Quick and reliable, from our warehouse to your company


In the bustling heart of Europe, there’s a health revolution quietly unfolding. Evivita, a name that's become synonymous with vitality, offers a promise in each of its carefully crafted supplements. Our wholesale webshop is where this promise comes to life for businesses across the continent.


As a savvy health brand, you understand that quality, flexibility, and speed are non-negotiable. Evivita rises to the occasion, offering an array of vitamins and supplements with the convenience of low minimum orders and the assurance of fast delivery. No matter where you are in Europe, from the sunlit paths of Spain to the snow-capped peaks of the Alps, our webshop is your gateway to a vast selection of health products, delivered to your doorstep with the swiftness of a shooting star.


Evivita is not just a supplier; we're your partner in the quest for a healthier community. With us, you can order with confidence and deliver health and happiness to your customers efficiently. Welcome to Evivita—where wellness meets swiftness.


If you want our wholesale offering but packed in your custom packaging please contact us for prices and possibilities.